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With our Track&Trace application we can visualize your assets and create business intelligence

Our last generation units will be installed by specialists in your vehicles. The units send its location to our system, which process all the information. With our application, you can determine where your vehicles are and has been. You can be notified, tailored to your specific needs, if a vehicle overspeeds, harshly brakes or accelerate, is towed or being stolen. Basically every management information you want. It is even possible to remotely demobilize your vehicle.
With our application you get insight of the use of your assets, like generators and heavy construction equipment. Besides the location, you are able to demobilize your asset and get insight into the time-in-use, fuel level and other parameters which will be send to our system. You are able to set when you want to receive notifications if a parameter is out of range. This allows you to respond in advance, before a situation will occur.
SnapTrack offers you the personal tracker. This is a mobile device you can easily wear or store in a purse. You can be called or you can call to pre-defined numbers. By using the alarm button, your location for a pre-defined amount of time is send to your friends and our system. On the map a trail of your positions are clearly visible. Emergency units can determine in which direction the person in distrress is going. This helps them to be faster to bring them into safety.

Save time and costs

When your vehicle breaks down, you can find your customer easlily. Your customer can stay on the beach, while your technician finds and repairs the vehicle. Your technician doesn't waste any time, and your customer's satisfaction improves. Monitor the fuel level and mileage automatically; no more discussion with your customers! Create insight in your fleet efficiency and make improvements where possible. Support your fleet management system with data generate with the services of Snaptrack.

Business intelligence

The consultants of SnapTrack bring your business to the next level

SnapTrack has years of experience in Track&Trace, IT and Business consultancy. We partner with our clients with company brought data analysis and business improvements. With our software development team, we are able to create add-ons to business intelligence needs.


We provide data for your product marketing

With the knowledge and collected data from SnapTrack, we are able to provide you with information to substance your marketing.

Who's SnapTrack
Our location
SnapTrack's representatives are based on Sint Maarten, Dutch West Indies. From here we provide our services to a wide range of sectors throughout the entire Caribbean. On every island SnapTrack has its own local support team. If not, then we create one.
Our goal
With you, we look forward to enhance the efficiency for you and your customers. We offer you customer support with follow up, due to our ticket system. Even better, we developed our pro-active unit monitoring system. This means that if a unit acts ‘out of its normal behavior’, SnapTrack will be notified instantly. Before you mention an issue, we are already analyzing and solving it for you.
Development team
We have our own development team that created our web-based application. With our development team we create every tailor made add-on you like, like import and exporting, and special reporting tools.

We only use the latest generation track&trace units. We have years of experience with the track&trace technology.
Customer service
We understand that an issue with a unit can not interfere into your daily operational business. If a unit gives too much trouble, we will replace it, so that your business operations can continue.
We understand privacy. We not only secure our application against intruders, we also assessed locations in the world to place our servers to protect your data.
With the R&D experience with an installation base of 35.000 units, SnapTrack offers you their full services in the Caribbean. We supervise the build-in of the units, have pro-active unit monitoring and data transfer costs are included.

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